“My horse is quite a fussy eater and I tried a sample of the Chill Out Condition Cubes. He really likes it and looks fabulous”

Welcome to Fulmart Feeds

Fulmart Feeds was established in 1997 at first specialising in the production of Equilage®, a high quality equestrian haylage all grown on our farms in the Vale of York, North Yorkshire.

We manufacture a range of horse feed products including Chill Out® and Equiblox®, which have been developed together with Equilage® to suit the needs of the leisure and competition rider.

Fulmart feeds product range, Chill Out Alfalfa Chop and Condition Cubes, Equilage and Equiblox
Equilage forage

Equilage haylage is 100% natural forage for horses and ponies.

  • Timothy & Ryegrass
  • Original Ryegrass
  • Hi-Fibre Ryegrass
  • Veteran Soft
Chillout feed

A range of non heating horse feed.

  • Maintain Mix
  • Maintain Cubes
  • Conditioning Cubes
  • Alfalfa Chop
Equiblox forage

Equiblox are 100% natural forage compressed into a convenient block.

  • Hi-Fibre
  • Original
Chill Out® Herb and Mint Horse Treats

Chill Out® Herb and Mint Horse Treats is a complimentary feed product for use as a treat or to supplement a regular feeding programme.

  • 2kg Tub
  • 5kg Bucket