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Reasons to feed your horse on the ground

Reasons to feed your horse on the ground

Feeding plenty of forage is important for digestive health but it also satisfies your horse’s physical and psychological needs. How you feed your horse is important.

Feeding horses on the ground is the most natural way to feed forage. Horses have evolved so their teeth, neck, back, and lungs developed so that they are best placed to feed with their head down.

Allowing your horse to feed on the floor is the most comfortable position for him; it creates less stress on the muscles and skeleton.

The stretching motion of feeding head down helps to keep his spine aligned.

Teeth also benefit from floor feeding because he can eat without restriction and the teeth will wear down evenly.

Repetitive tugging at a haynet can cause injuries such as straining, poll tightness and reduced movement in the neck. By ground feeding, you encourage your horse to develop the correct muscles. It’s the most natural position to keep your horse healthy, and relaxed.

It’s good for his respiratory system too as keeps his airways open and allows mucus to drain naturally.

Of course, it’s not always possible or practical to feed your horse this way but ideally try and encourage natural feeding when possible.

Equiblox is designed to be fed in many ways but is ideally suited to being fed on the ground. Horses use their teeth to grind away at the blocks, which not only helps keep them entertained but it also helps to mimic natural feeding habits.

They’re so simple to feed - just pop them on the stable floor or in the field. You don’t need a haynet or a rope to hang it from. Feed it straight from the bag or the wrapper and encourage your horse to eat as naturally as possible.