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Preparing goals for 2019

Preparing goals for 2019

Finnegan and I came back from university for 6 weeks at the start of December. We have been cramming in Ian Woodhead and Helen Bell lessons, and it was a reassurance as to the work I have been doing alone that they both have noticed how much physically stronger Finnegan has become over the last couple of months. We have also been out showjumping where he picked up 2nd and 3rd in the Newcomers and 1.05m.

As I look forward to the coming season, Helen and I continue to work on my psychology after lessons. Currently the focus is on deciding aims for the coming year and breaking them down into short, medium and long term goals. One thing that is key in this process is that we focus and enjoy on the journey, rather than the end goal.

I always find it useful to set my goals at the start of a new year/season. This helps me gather my thoughts and prepare mentally ahead of a new season. My goals for 2019 are split into long, medium and short term;

Long term -To jump clear rounds over 2* in 2019 season. Medium term - Build confidence upto BS Foxhunter Short term - To make our SJ rounds more fluent/rhythmical so that I can sit stiller, so he can jump through his back more. Improve Finnegan’s commitment/straightness through combinations XC so I can trust him more.

It is also very important to realize what is actually happening that has been hindering your ability to achieve the short term goals.


I tend to over ride my SJ rounds. Opening and closing his canter a lot which means he becomes a bit more tense and I have a tendency then to start looking for moving strides and we get long and flat.

I feel like although he is improving I would like him to be more confident though combinations XC so I don’t have to be as defensive over each part.

Finally, it is important to then commit to a set of activities that you believe will help change the reality:


Have weekly Helen lessons through Uni vacations. Compete fairly regularly in BSJAs During term, Jump him weekly. Ian Lessons in Vacs Commit to 3 fitness sessions a week

During the next term I have signed up to 3 Caroline Moore clinics which will be 1hr flatwork and 1hr jumping.

We go back down to Oxford on the 10th Jan for 8 weeks. Over the coming term I intend on implementing these activities so that when we come back at the start of march in time for the event season we will hopefully be raring to go!